How Bitcoin Works – In Depth Article and Educational Youtube video

While doing some research into bitcoins, I came across a thought provoking blog article at Scott Driscoll’s blog. The blog posting gave a super in depth view of how bitcoins work. Please keep in mind this is an engineering educational view. So, if you don’t understand it the first time, come back and read or watch the material again to develop a strong understanding. The article describes bitcoins on a high level from a security standpoint overview of the infrastructure, to mining, mining pools, sending and receiving and loads more. I highly suggest visiting the blog if you wish to have a grand educational lesson on bitcoins. There is also a video attached from YouTube so tune in and learn more about Bitcoin. The summary starts about 21:15 in the video if you are currently sort on time and wishing to learn just the basics. Watch here for a bitcoin quickie.

Here is the How Bitcoin works under the hood video:

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